Editorial Services

Send all questions, samples, and manuscripts to: editing.jsabooks@outlook.com
Response times may vary, but will generally be within 3 days.

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Swift and efficient editing for writers of every stripe.

How It Works

Send your initial query (ideally with a sample of no more than 5 pages) to editing.jsabooks@outlook.com. I will respond within 3 days as to whether I am able/willing to take on the full job, and what the estimated cost and time for completion will be (usually less than a month). If all is acceptable, send the entire document in .rtf or .docx format. Once I have finished, you will be notified via e-mail and receive the final invoice. As soon as payment is received (see below), I will send the original as well as edited versions of the document via e-mail.

What Do I Edit?

Fiction: Open to just about any genre and length. However, my specialty is novel-length sci-fi, fantasy, or historical fiction.
Non-Fiction: Again, most subjects. However works on history, natural science, and language are preferred. I do not edit legal or medical documents.


Structural/Developmental Editing: 1/2¢ per source word
Copyediting/Proofreading: 1/2¢ per source word
Full Edit (All of the above): 1¢ per source word

I accept electronic or credit card payments via PayPal.


As an author, I am quite familiar with editing my own work many times over. However, in addition to my own writing and publishing experience, I have:

  • 4 semesters of college-level English classes (including 2 semesters of creative writing with critique groups).
  • Over 10 years of foreign language study.
  • Experience with typing up and editing computer-generated transcripts since February, 2020.

Additional Details

In order to keep your documents safe, I will delete/shred any copies of the file in my possession (including e-mail attachments) within 30 days of sending the final edit (so if you need anything resent, please request it before then!). Documents can be deleted/shredded sooner at your request.

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