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Happy Thanksgiving!

May this day be filled with holiday warmth for you and yours. Try not to overstuff yourself, and I will talk to you all again in December!

Happy Veterans’ Day!

It is now 105 years since the ceasefire that effectively ended the “War to End All Wars.” Sadly, this was a grave misnomer, but such is the way of man. To those who give their all every day to keep our land and people free, my heartfelt gratitude. God bless you all, and have a…

Plans for November…and Beyond

Greetings all. I’m rather late on my monthly update, for which I apologize. In fact, I only just now realized I never did an update for October! However, there has been a lot going on. October was a very long, full month. It started with a little excursion to Tulsa, followed by many weeks of…

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