Other Works

Here is a list of all my miscellaneous non-book publications, such as short stories or poems that have appeared in magazines or anthologies. They are listed in reverse chronological order (newest at the top) along with links to where they can be viewed or purchased where applicable:

“The One That I Let Go.” The Pangolin Review. Issue 18. Web. April, 2021. https://thepangolinreview.wixsite.com/mypoetrysite/issue-18-30-april-2021

“Journey of the Soul.” H&E Naturist. Print. February, 2021. https://www.henaturist.net/product/he-naturist-magazine-february-2021/?v=7516fd43adaa

“The Mosasaur in the Pool”; “Two Rabbits.” In Parentheses. Volume 6.3. Print/Digital. January, 2021. https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1914945

“Naked in the Rain.” White Wall Review. Web. September, 2020. https://whitewallreview.com/naked-in-the-rain/

“Reality Aside.” The Pangolin Review. Issue 13. Web. November, 2019. https://thepangolinreview.wixsite.com/mypoetrysite/issue-13

“December.” The Pangolin Review. Issue 3.2. Web. May, 2018. https://ameetp23.wixsite.com/mysite-1/issue-3-part-2

“Midnight in the Lab.” Dime Show Review. Web. March, 2018. https://www.dimeshowreview.com/midnight-in-the-lab-by-j-s-allen/

“A Personal Awakening.” N. Issue 37.2. Print. January, 2018.

“April 9th, 1865”; “A Cloud of Red”; “The Otter Kit Streamer”; “The Flight of a Lifetime.” Shorelines. Print. May, 2016.

“The Buck.” Shorelines. Print. June, 2015.

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