Plans for June

May was a very spectacular, very busy month! So busy that I haven’t been able to get to this until now. While I didn’t do a lot in the way of writing or translating, I did make massive progress in other areas, and even managed to release a new book in between!

June is thus far proving a decent sequel. I don’t expect it to be nearly as amazing as May was, but I would like to get back into more of my routine stuff, including writing. In particular, I have a translation that needs to be double checked, another that needs its first check, and yet another that needs to be completed in the first place! There are a couple of projects that need a look over, too (including the next in the Knights of Aralia series!). As far as production of new material goes, we’ll see. Lots on the plate as is, though I might be able to at least begin making some major renovations to a long-running project that I feel will be of special significance if I ever get it out.

Happy Memorial Day!

Under current conditions, you may or may not be doing anything to mark this day as the “official” start of the summer season. Whatever the case, let us take a moment today to remember those who have given their all to defend this country and her principles, both at home and abroad. God bless, and have a wonderful day.

!!! Book Release: ‘Knights of Aralia Book II’ !!!

This morning I am thrilled to announce the official release of the next book in my latest series: Knights of Aralia Book II: Evil Rising! For those of you who have pre-ordered already, my sincerest thanks, and I truly hope you enjoy this, the first book I ever drafted with the intent to publish some 12 years ago now. For those who have not but want to know more, go take a look at its page here.

Plans for May

April was a month that started with great promise, but somewhere in the middle things got rather disorganized, and I was never able to get them put back together again. Even so, I looked over most of my proof of the next book and made a modicum of progress on translations as well.

This month the translations will continue, I will finish the proof review so the final product will be absolutely superb when it comes out on the 19th, and I may even resume my long overdue rough draft of Sauragia 3.

25 More Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles

Some of you may remember my “25 Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles” post from a couple years ago. Well, now I’ve come up with 25 more song titles that I’ve always thought would make interesting titles for chapters, stories, or even whole books! And so, here they are, along with how I think they could best be used.Continue reading “25 More Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles”

Writing Anthropomorphic Fiction

Anthropomorphic fiction is a genre that many writers have explored over the millennia, myself included. Writing with your main characters as animals rather than people can be an interesting, and in some ways even liberating, experience. However, with freedom comes responsibility, and thus there are certain rules that one must follow in order to write anthro fiction well.Continue reading “Writing Anthropomorphic Fiction”

Plans for April

March was a very full, fairly productive month. It saw the semi-final review of my next book, Knights of Aralia Book II: Evil Rising (slated to go on pre-order sometime this month), as well as the continuation of my several translation projects.

April looks to have great prospects. In addition to continuing the above projects, I shall be resuming my rough draft of the third Sauragia novel for the first time in earnest since last year, typing up another completed manuscript, and perhaps picking up the threads of another ambitious project from a couple years back. And of course, I hope to put a little more attention into this weblog, which I neglected somewhat last month. So much to do; so little time!

Spring Reading Sale!

Happy first day of spring, all! In an attempt to clear out some older stock, Ash Tree Media has decided to host a spring reading sale from now through April 1st. During this period, all my e-books will be 50% OFF with select retailers! In addition, all print books bought directly through this or my publisher’s site will also be 50% OFF, including signed editions! So what are you waiting for? Take a look at my Books page and see if you can make some new additions to your bookshelf today!

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