25 Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles

Here’s one just for fun. I’ve always been something of an audiophile (as those who have read my “25 Memorable Quotations” post have probably guessed), and I can’t tell you how many times a great line from a song, or even the song title itself, has come in handy when coming up with titles for chapters. In some cases, I’ve even derived the title of a book and a whole skeleton of a plotline from a single song!

So, reaching into my vast record archive, here’s a list of several songs I like whose titles I either have used or would like to use when naming stories or their component parts in the future, along with my intended uses for them:Continue reading “25 Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles”

What Happened to Country Music?

When I was three years old, “I’m from the Country” and “Bye Bye” were my two favorite songs. I was quite familiar with names like Jo Dee Messina, Tracy Bird, and Alan Jackson. I was also familiar with Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks, though whether the latter two really qualify as “country” is debatable. But then, what passes for “country” music today falls into that category as well. To me, the endless parade of beer-themed anthems sung by lookalike scruffy dudes in baseball hats and plaid warrants the subgenre label of “urban cowboy” at best; “rap with phony Southern accents” at worst.

So what did happen to country music? Where did it all go wrong? In this unscientific post/rant, I shall attempt to figure that out.Continue reading “What Happened to Country Music?”

Happy Veterans’ Day!

It is now 103 years to the day since the ceasefire that effectively ended WWI, but we have not forgotten. At least, a few of us haven’t. To those who give their all to keep this country safe, my heartfelt thanks. God bless, and have a wonderful Armistice Day.

Marketing Matters: Age Ranges

Though it has always been my opinion that the best works are those that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, not everyone is capable of writing that perfect story every time. As a result, we generally have to be a little more selective regarding our audience (see my previous post on “Defining Your Audience“).Continue reading “Marketing Matters: Age Ranges”

Plans for November

October was a phenomenal month. I made progress on my rough draft, reviewed another book thoroughly for next spring, created yet another drawing for next winter’s book, partly revamped an old short story/novella for possible publication this winter or next spring, and worked on my ongoing linguistic project besides. In addition, I am pleased to announce that both Sauragia and its sequel, Journey to the Red Mountain, are now available on Dreame!

This November, I expect things to move at a more leisurely pace. I shall give a thorough look at what I hope will be my magnum opus for next year, rough out another drawing for it, and continue my current rough draft. I will also finish revising my old short story and hopefully finish my linguistic project. If there is time, I may even record my first ever audiobook! Either way, it’s a new month with lots of potential, so let’s make the most of it.

One Year Anniversary Sale: ‘Sauragia’!

Greetings, all! It is hard to believe but it is now one whole year since the release of my very first book, Sauragia. To those of you who have purchased it in its various editions over the past year, I thank you whole-heartedly.

To mark this most special occasion, I am hereby offering 50% off e-book editions of both titles in the Sauragia series from now until the end of the month. So, if you have collected one but not the other, now may be a fine opportunity to complete the set. I am also offering FREE SHIPPING on all Sauragia series print books purchased from this site. Check out my Books page for more info. Thanks, and have a great day!

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