Translating Your Work

One way to potentially expand your audience is to offer your work in more than one language. This is especially true if you have extensive distribution networks in countries and regions where a given foreign language predominates. I made a post on translating some time ago, but the emphasis of this post is how to go about having your own work translated, and what to do once you’ve got it.Continue reading “Translating Your Work”

Plans for February

January was a pretty good month. Though not every goal was met, progress was nevertheless made across all fronts.

For February, things should continue apace. I would like to continue my translation work, make some much-needed additions and corrections to this year’s Knights of Aralia books, and resume work on my long overdue rough draft of Sauragia 3! Some illustrating may also take place, though if other plans of mine come to fruition, I may not have much time for it.

How to Look Professional as a Self-Published Author

Self-publishing still has quite a stigma attached to it, and not without reason. After all, it can be done by anyone who has the means and the time to put his or her work out there with a relative minimum of technical skill required. Hence, self-published books can and often do still turn out looking half-finished, and with all kinds of obvious formatting errors that would send the staunchest of professional typesetters into apoplectic fits.

So, how can these many potential pitfalls be avoided in your own self-publishing endeavor, should you decide to pursue that route? And how can you overcome the stigma of being self-published so that your books might have a shot at becoming true successes? Well, I shall do my best to answer these questions and more in this week’s post.Continue reading “How to Look Professional as a Self-Published Author”

Editors and Beta Readers

We all know how helpful it can be to get someone else’s opinion on our work. Sometimes our own inner eye simply isn’t enough to catch all the problems with a manuscript, be they with the story, the grammar, or something else entirely. Hence, a good editor or beta reader can be worth his weight in gold if the insight offered results in a greatly improved end product. And that is, after all, what every author wants.Continue reading “Editors and Beta Readers”

YA or NA?

One of the questions I’ve found myself asking in the past is what’s the difference between young adult and new adult when it comes to writing fiction (or even nonfiction)? Where is the all important line of separation between these supposedly distinct age ranges? Well, though I tried to answer this to some degree in my post about age ranges, today I’m going to do my best to more clearly define what makes the two distinct.Continue reading “YA or NA?”

Plans for January

December was a fairly decent month, despite being gone a week for Christmas (which was not entirely unproductive either). I made great progress on a novella rough draft, a little on a translation, and drafted no less than four new articles in just two weeks! More could have been done, but alas, there simply wasn’t time.

For January, I shall be tying up a few minor loose ends from 2022, and beginning a few new projects as well. I would like to continue a couple of rough drafts, but I have also made it a goal to try and write at least one new short piece every month for the entire year. No time to lose, so I reckon I’d best get 2023 started right away!

Five Ways to Turn Love of Reading into a Career

It’s been a while since I’ve done a list post, so for my final substantial post of the year, I figured it might be fun to list a few ways you can turn your passion for reading into a profession.Continue reading “Five Ways to Turn Love of Reading into a Career”

BookTrib Review: ‘Knights of Aralia Book I’ (and More)!

Afternoon, all! BookTrib released a review of my latest book, Knights of Aralia Book I: Remnants of Light on their site today. It’s a fun little read, so be sure to go check it out. But be warned: the bottom portion of the review may contain mild spoilers.

BookTrib also created a neat author page for me on their website. If you want to know more about me or my work, you can check that out here.

Written Word Media did a short interview with me about my latest book, which you can read on their website here.

Finally, I have a sad announcement: Ash Tree Media is raising its rates on all titles beginning January 16th by $1, which means I’ll have to raise mine accordingly. However, until that time, prices will remain the same both on my site and everywhere else, so be sure to take advantage while it lasts!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all will come back for my final writing-related post of 2022 next Monday!

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