Happy Veterans’ Day!

It is now 105 years since the ceasefire that effectively ended the “War to End All Wars.” Sadly, this was a grave misnomer, but such is the way of man. To those who give their all every day to keep our land and people free, my heartfelt gratitude. God bless you all, and have a wonderful Armistice Day.

Plans for November…and Beyond

Greetings all. I’m rather late on my monthly update, for which I apologize. In fact, I only just now realized I never did an update for October! However, there has been a lot going on.

October was a very long, full month. It started with a little excursion to Tulsa, followed by many weeks of planning and hard work. On the creative side, I managed to do quite a bit of editing/reviewing, a little translation work, and that’s about it. No new projects begun or plotted for the future.

In November and beyond, things will be a bit different. The fact is, recent developments have led me to sort through my priorities in life, and I find that some things that seemed important before have had to take a back seat. What does this mean for my writing and publishing? Nothing new: I’ll continue with my efforts to produce new, higher quality material in future as ever I have. However, my productivity has slowed significantly in the last few months, as some of you may have noticed. I have so many things going at one time that it’s hard to give any one of them the focus needed to see it through to completion. I am stretched to the limit and beyond.

Therefore, I must regretfully announce that the next Knights of Aralia book will not be coming out this year as I had hoped. There is just too much to fix. Hopefully sometime in 2024 it will be ready. When in 2024, I don’t know, but that is the goal for now. Other projects, such as my translations or the much delayed third Sauragia book are so far from coming to fruition right now that I daren’t even guess when they’ll be ready. I could rush them out to meet made up deadlines like I did in previous years, but that is not the recipe for putting out the long-lasting, quality work that I aspire to. They will be ready when they’re ready, and not a moment before.

So, while I will continue to give my monthly updates, and I will probably be attending some live events in the coming year, don’t look for too much new out of me for a while. I need some time to think and seriously reorganize if I am to take this whole writing endeavor to the next level like I want. Thanks, and have a blessed day.

Guest Post: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

This week’s post is once again brought to you by Christopher Haymon of Adulting Digest, a site giving financial advice on a broad range of topics relevant to individuals and small businesses alike. This week’s post lists a few ways that you, as a newcomer on the scene, can make yourself and your work stand out in a highly competitive market. If you like this post, please consider taking a look at his blog on adultingdigest.com.Continue reading “Guest Post: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market”

Marketing Matters: Promotional Materials

As I have pointed out on several occasions, it is one thing to finally complete your work; quite another to sell it. You may have written the best, most original piece of your entire authorial career and gotten it published by a big-name publishing house. But unless you properly promote that work, it will never be the success that it could be. That is where marketing comes in, and one important tool in your marketing arsenal is promotional materials.Continue reading “Marketing Matters: Promotional Materials”

!!! Book Release: ‘Fábulas del bosque’ !!!

Today marks the official release of the first of what I hope will be many translations of one of my own books: Fábulas del bosque (Spanish version of Woodland Tales)! For those of you interested in finding out more about this project of some 2 years, go take a look at its page here. Have a wonderful day!

Plans for September

August was a very full month indeed, and despite the chaos, progress was made. I began with a lovely weekend in Dallas, then returned to do a bit of editing and revising, as well as some much needed reorganization.

This month will see the release of my first ever translation, which is a major milestone for my writing and translating experiences! For those interested, Fábulas del bosque (Eng. Woodland Tales) is now on pre-order, and can be viewed with all relevant details here. Otherwise, I hope to continue honing my routine to make maximum use of what little free time I have, and make some serious progress towards improving some manuscripts for publication, perhaps later this year, or else sometime in 2024.

Plans for August

July was a busy one for sure, between editing/reviewing several projects, and preparing for my upcoming trip. August is proving productive so far as well.

This month, after my trip, I would like to get back into publishing regular posts on here, continue some editing and translation work, and perhaps actually make some progress on a rough draft or two (i.e. some actual new material!). We’ll see, but for now, I’m on vacation, and enjoying it very much. Also, don’t forget to check out the summer reading sale going on now with Ash Tree Media. Talk to you all later!

Back to School Sale!

Howdy all! There is now officially a back to school sale running on all my titles from now through September 1st. All e-books 50% off from most e-tailers and all print copies 20% off when ordered from the Ash Tree Media store. Hurry on over and take a look while supplies last!

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