!!! Book Release: ‘Knights of Aralia Book I’ !!!

This morning I am thrilled to announce the official release of my first new title in over a year: Knights of Aralia Book I: Remnants of Light! For those of you who have pre-ordered already, my sincerest thanks, and I hope you enjoy this labor of over ten years. For those who have not but want to know more, go take a look at its page here.

Plans for November

October was a very full month. There were a few days of relative inaction, but most were spent entirely on this project or that–especially where it came to setting up ads and promos for Knights of Aralia, which I put on pre-order back on the 7th (details here).

November will be most interesting. Though my promotional work is certainly not done due to my book release on the 18th, I should have at least a little more time to devote to more creative endeavors, specifically making some interior illustrations for my next book, finishing a German rough draft translation of Woodland Tales, and perhaps even partaking in NaNoWriMo. I had intended to try it last year, but was simply too overloaded. This year, with my plate largely clear, I’m going to give it a go and try to get a rough draft of a new novella idea done in a mere 30 days. Wish me luck!

Writing About Touchy Subjects: Politics

In the last couple posts, I briefly talked about how to write about nudity and religion. In this final post in the trilogy, I shall talk about what is perhaps the most explosive topic of all in this day and age: politics. Now, I’ve covered a lot of this same ground in the last two posts and in my Reading Between the Lines post way back, so be sure to look those over first. However, there are a couple final points I’d like to make on this particular topic as well.Continue reading “Writing About Touchy Subjects: Politics”

Writing About Touchy Subjects: Religion

Continuing from last Monday, another subject that might be considered sensitive is that of religion. Many stories and novels either barely mention the idea or avoid it altogether. Admittedly, this is often because it is not an essential plot element. However, it helps that this is one area where it is easy to rub people the wrong way. But there are a few simple ways to write about spirituality without committing such blunders, and I shall try to explain them right here.Continue reading “Writing About Touchy Subjects: Religion”

Writing About Touchy Subjects: Nudity

Sometimes writers encounter topics that can be tricky or even embarrassing to deal with. Subjects that I was always taught growing up did not belong in polite conversation. Yet, for the sake of the narrative we are putting forth, it is often necessary to push through somehow, lest we lose something in our attempts to avoid these sensitive areas. For the next three posts, I will proceed to discuss those topics I myself have had to deal with on occasion, what I did to make them work, and what I specifically avoided doing. I shall begin with the one I as a naturist author am most familiar with: nudity.Continue reading “Writing About Touchy Subjects: Nudity”

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