Happy Veterans’ Day!

It is now 105 years since the ceasefire that effectively ended the “War to End All Wars.” Sadly, this was a grave misnomer, but such is the way of man. To those who give their all every day to keep our land and people free, my heartfelt gratitude. God bless you all, and have aContinue reading “Happy Veterans’ Day!”

Happy Memorial Day!

Under current conditions, you may or may not be doing anything to mark this day as the “official” start of the summer season. Whatever the case, let us take a moment today to remember those who have given their all to defend this country and her principles, both at home and abroad. God bless, andContinue reading “Happy Memorial Day!”

Plans for January

December was a fairly decent month, despite being gone a week for Christmas (which was not entirely unproductive either). I made great progress on a novella rough draft, a little on a translation, and drafted no less than four new articles in just two weeks! More could have been done, but alas, there simply wasn’tContinue reading “Plans for January”

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