Guest Post: Moving Your Business the Disruption-Free and Pain-Free Way

This week’s post is provided by Christopher Haymon from Adulting Digest, a site dedicated to helping folks make the most of their financial situation. It will deal with how you can move your business with minimal cost and hassle, which can be useful to publishers both large and small, as well as to others looking to take their businesses to the next level. If you like this post, go check out some more of his work at reading “Guest Post: Moving Your Business the Disruption-Free and Pain-Free Way”

Plans for April

March has been a long, exhausting month. Progress has been made, and it has been hard won. Nevertheless, I have managed to make a number of revisions and edits to books both old and new, as well as to get another short article written. I have also made some very big plans for April.Continue reading “Plans for April”

My Ten Favorite Women Authors

In case you weren’t aware (I wasn’t until a couple years ago), March is Women’s History Month. So, in honor of the occasion, here are ten ladies of literature I think deserve some attention for their contributions to the written word in order, and with web links where applicable:Continue reading “My Ten Favorite Women Authors”

Five More Problems with the ‘Redwall’ Series

As you probably know, I am quite an admirer of Brian Jacques and his work. It has been a major source of inspiration for me in my own writing without a doubt. However, sometimes it is good as a writer to step back and take an objective view of the books etc. that we like, as it can help us identify what makes a story work as well as what to avoid.Continue reading “Five More Problems with the ‘Redwall’ Series”

Impression or Edition?

If you are like me, you’ve probably examined every page of some books up down and all around. One of the most interesting pages, of course, is that one with all the tiny print on it: the copyright page. Now, there is a lot to examine on that page, but in particular, I’m going to focus on the portion–usually toward the bottom–that talks about edition and impression. What is the difference, and why does it matter?Continue reading “Impression or Edition?”

Plans for March

February has been a very interesting month indeed, and fairly productive as well. I finally began recording my first audiobook, worked a bit on a rough draft, reviewed a couple of manuscripts, and made a few tweaks here and there to older works. Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, I will officially be vending in the Dealer’s Den area at Free Fur All 2022!

This month, I hope to finish recording an audiobook, continue my rough draft of the next Sauragia book, and review a couple more older manuscripts. And of course, there are the preparations for my upcoming live appearance at the end of July. It has been a mild winter overall, but hopefully the weather will continue to see some improvement in March.

Illustrating Your Book

Last month, I elaborated on cover design, and how to go about finding someone who can help you out when it comes to making cover art for your book. But what about interior design? What happens when you write a book, but feel it could use a little extra something on the inside to grab and hold the reader’s attention? That is what I’ll try to discuss here today.Continue reading “Illustrating Your Book”

Redacted: When Editors Go Too Far

I recently had an article published in a magazine. Wonderful news, of course. It is always nice to know that others deem your work worthy of publication. However, on seeing the article in question, I was rather disappointed to find that some of my main arguments (this was an opinion piece) appeared to have vanished!

So, what does one do when something like this happens? Is it a good idea to tell the editor of your displeasure? Is it best to just grin and bear it? And what about criticism in general? All these questions I shall try to answer here.Continue reading “Redacted: When Editors Go Too Far”

Plans for February

January started out rough, but by the end things cleared up a bit, and I was able to accomplish most of my goals. Minor progress was made on a rough draft, a couple loose ends from 2021 were tied up, and some major changes to another project were laid out.

This February, I will be looking over my new series (the first installment of which I hope to have out this fall), examining a novella for possible publication this spring, and continuing my current rough draft. Additionally, I may begin the recording process for my first audiobook! Otherwise, there are no big plans. It is a relatively short month, after all, and a cold one besides.

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