Writing About Touchy Subjects: Politics

In the last couple posts, I briefly talked about how to write about nudity and religion. In this final post in the trilogy, I shall talk about what is perhaps the most explosive topic of all in this day and age: politics. Now, I’ve covered a lot of this same ground in the last two posts and in my Reading Between the Lines post way back, so be sure to look those over first. However, there are a couple final points I’d like to make on this particular topic as well.Continue reading “Writing About Touchy Subjects: Politics”

Writing About Touchy Subjects: Religion

Continuing from last Monday, another subject that might be considered sensitive is that of religion. Many stories and novels either barely mention the idea or avoid it altogether. Admittedly, this is often because it is not an essential plot element. However, it helps that this is one area where it is easy to rub people the wrong way. But there are a few simple ways to write about spirituality without committing such blunders, and I shall try to explain them right here.Continue reading “Writing About Touchy Subjects: Religion”

Writing About Touchy Subjects: Nudity

Sometimes writers encounter topics that can be tricky or even embarrassing to deal with. Subjects that I was always taught growing up did not belong in polite conversation. Yet, for the sake of the narrative we are putting forth, it is often necessary to push through somehow, lest we lose something in our attempts to avoid these sensitive areas. For the next three posts, I will proceed to discuss those topics I myself have had to deal with on occasion, what I did to make them work, and what I specifically avoided doing. I shall begin with the one I as a naturist author am most familiar with: nudity.Continue reading “Writing About Touchy Subjects: Nudity”

Plans for October

Well, it’s October at last, and I’m pleased to say that, chaotic though it was, September was nevertheless very productive. I got my latest cover art and did a lot of preparatory steps for the release of my next book…finally! It will be the start of a new* series with actual humans in it as well as talking animals. At any rate, hopefully I’ll have it out for pre-order by the end of this coming week.

Other October plans include some more translation work on my old books, reviewing some other works for publication, and perhaps some more illustrating! I also intend to get back to regular posting on here, now that things have settled down a bit. Should be exciting either way. October’s a nice long month, so let’s make it count!

*New as a public release, but actually a project that’s been around since long before any of the others.

Plans for September

August was evidently a busy month, though with what, I’m not sure. I reckon I made progress on a few things, including a final review of the first book in my series to be released this fall.

September will be a month of serious catch-up. However, it has historically been a very good month for me, so I am confident that I will be able to do so and then some. I’d like to finish up several projects begun in August, and maybe even look over a novella of mine. And of course, come October 1st, if all goes well, my next book will be going on pre-order!

There is also a month-long fall reading sale going on this September: half off all e-book titles. I’ll make a separate announcement on that tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to get to work!

Sourcing & Bibliographies

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a while, but August has sort of whizzed by me somehow. At any rate, today I’ll be going over how to cite your sources in nonfiction works, as well as how to organize a proper bibliography. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s really not that hard once you get the hang of a few basic rules:Continue reading “Sourcing & Bibliographies”

My First Live Event: Free Fur All, 2022

This past weekend, I attended my first ever live event as an author at Free Fur All in Glenpool, OK. And I must say, whatever may have been my expectations going in, they were quite pleasantly shattered. Now, I don’t know what other conventions are like, whether this measures up to them in size, scope, etc., and frankly I don’t care. Nor do I care about whatever petty quarrels people might have with the staff or other attendees there. Speaking as both a vendor and a visitor, I found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.Continue reading “My First Live Event: Free Fur All, 2022”

Plans for August

Well, July was one busy month, culminating in one of the busiest, most exciting experiences of my whole career as an author or a furry at Free Fur All 2022. I could spend an entire post reviewing this (and probably will), but suffice it to say, it was excellent. I don’t know exactly what I expected going in, but those expectations were nevertheless shattered–both as a vendor and a participant. Needless to say, I will definitely be back next year.

August looks to be a pretty dull month by contrast. Once I’ve had a day or two to re-orient myself, I will continue my translation work, try and get my next book ready for publication, and finally see about finding a cover artist for it. I’ve also got my rough draft to continue and who knows what besides. Either way, it’ll be another full month I’m sure.

Mapmaking, Part III

My last two posts have been concerned with how to make a map–real or fantastical–with which to enhance your book. In them, I was concerned primarily with the basic structural and creative elements necessary. In this final post on the topic, I will briefly go over some final points to keep in mind when drawing maps, whether by hand or by software.Continue reading “Mapmaking, Part III”

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