How to Find the Right Cover Artist

Some authors are blessed with talents in both written and visual arts. For such individuals, coming up with suitable cover art for their work can be easier than writing the book itself. However, for most authors, illustrating is at best a secondary endeavor, and so there is a need to find someone else who can capture the essence of your story in a single, eye-catching image. Here I shall briefly discuss how self-publishing authors can find the ideal cover artist for their work.Continue reading “How to Find the Right Cover Artist”

DIY: Designing Your Own Cover

Greetings, and welcome to my first proper post of 2022! This is going to be the first of several posts on Do-It-Yourself aspects of book design for self-publishing authors. All authors write their own books and do a bit of editing themselves, obviously. However, there are certain aspects that most either let their publishers take care of (if they have one) or else hire someone else out to do. But for those on a budget, or who prefer to have as much creative control over their work as possible, there are other aspects of book production you can take on yourself, if you have the time and resources. The subject this week is how to design your own book cover.

Continue reading “DIY: Designing Your Own Cover”

Happy New Year!

Greetings all, and happy new year! May 2022 prove tenfold better than 2021…or at least no worse.

I don’t know about you all, but December was pretty awful for me. Between dealing with an annoying bug of some sort for the last couple weeks and just general chaos created by the holidays, I was able to accomplish very little. Thankfully, among that very little was my plan of action for January, which I am doing my best to implement despite still having my head a little stuffed up.

This month, I am looking to make serious progress on my rough draft, continue my much-delayed special project, and do some serious revisions of my series. Additionally, I would of course love to finish up what projects I was not able to finish up in December, and maybe even work on another rough draft or some short stories if I have time. We’ll see, though.

Review: ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & ‘Through the Looking Glass’

These books by Lewis Carroll are classified in the genre of “nonsense literature”, and rightfully so. The author must have considered children to have very short attention spans indeed, as the scene changes every time you think you’ve got a fix on what is going on. The characters are irritably irritable, and the use of “logic” in conversations totally absurd. Whether the author was inspired by his supposed mental problems or he was one of many “artistic” opium smokers at the time, he managed to produce a work that is singularly dumb. How parents could actually read such nonsense to their children, even in an age of restrictive Victorian mores and social life, is utterly perplexing, and the status of these works as “classics” clearly came about because of the author’s connections rather than the quality of the work. An illustrated book with no words would have done just as well. Better, even.

If you have not read these short works yet, I truly recommend not wasting your time. If you simply must experience the sheer pointlessness for yourself, however, get the audiobooks–ideally from your local library rather than wasting good money on your own copies–so you may at least occupy yourself doing something useful while they play.

Plans for December

November was, as expected, a mild month. I partly revised a novella for next year, continued my current rough draft, and completed yet another rough drawing.

This month I hope to wrap up this year’s projects. I will make one final drawing, review an anthology I started last year (as well as a couple books for potential release next year), and hopefully finish up my other project as well. Then I shall lay out my plans for the new year and do my best to have a nice holiday week.

25 Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles

Here’s one just for fun. I’ve always been something of an audiophile (as those who have read my “25 Memorable Quotations” post have probably guessed), and I can’t tell you how many times a great line from a song, or even the song title itself, has come in handy when coming up with titles for chapters. In some cases, I’ve even derived the title of a book and a whole skeleton of a plotline from a single song!

So, reaching into my vast record archive, here’s a list of several songs I like whose titles I either have used or would like to use when naming stories or their component parts in the future, along with my intended uses for them:Continue reading “25 Songs That Would Make Great Story Titles”

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