When to Let a Story Go

Sometimes it seems like a story just isn’t going anywhere. We’ve worked and reworked it a hundred times, but it never seems quite right. Agents and publishers alike perpetually reject it (something I discussed last week), and it’s getting downright disheartening. At this point, it may be time to do the unthinkable: to go ahead and let the story die.Continue reading “When to Let a Story Go”

How to Handle Rejection

Writers are no strangers to rejection. Barring incredible luck or lots of connections, even the most famous of published authors were often turned down many times before their work was accepted. And in some cases, even once published, their work was rejected by the readers of their own day. Now, everybody has his or her own way of handling rejection, but I’m going to try and give a brief guideline here of some things you definitely should not do, as well as some that you always should.Continue reading “How to Handle Rejection”

Plans for December

November was another busy month. Though not all I’d hoped for, it was nevertheless quite productive in its own way. It saw some progress on my latest Sauragia rough draft, the completion of half of the rough draft of a novella started only this month, and a little bit of progress on a translation project as well. But most notably, of course, November 18th saw the publication of my first new book in over a year with Knights of Aralia Book I! For those who missed the initial announcements, you can take a look at the book’s page here. I also tried out a new type of promotion for this title, which involved a short author interview about the new title. The results of that can be viewed here.

December will as usual be about wrapping things up for the year and laying out the plan for the new one. During this final month of the year, I hope to wrap up a couple of long overdue projects, maybe do some outlining of some new ones, and of course continue promoting my latest release. I also hope to get a few more substantial posts out on this weblog before taking my usual couple weeks away from the screen for the holidays.

!!! Book Release: ‘Knights of Aralia Book I’ !!!

This morning I am thrilled to announce the official release of my first new title in over a year: Knights of Aralia Book I: Remnants of Light! For those of you who have pre-ordered already, my sincerest thanks, and I hope you enjoy this labor of over ten years. For those who have not but want to know more, go take a look at its page here.

Plans for November

October was a very full month. There were a few days of relative inaction, but most were spent entirely on this project or that–especially where it came to setting up ads and promos for Knights of Aralia, which I put on pre-order back on the 7th (details here).

November will be most interesting. Though my promotional work is certainly not done due to my book release on the 18th, I should have at least a little more time to devote to more creative endeavors, specifically making some interior illustrations for my next book, finishing a German rough draft translation of Woodland Tales, and perhaps even partaking in NaNoWriMo. I had intended to try it last year, but was simply too overloaded. This year, with my plate largely clear, I’m going to give it a go and try to get a rough draft of a new novella idea done in a mere 30 days. Wish me luck!

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