Summer has arrived—and so has Edward the Slayer!
After decades of relative peace, the dinosaurs of Cardolin are thrust into war when their barbarous neighbours invade without warning. With most of its veterans captured or killed right away, it’s up to new arrival Astron and his cohorts to lead the defence of the capital city, Saurahall. But even it cannot possibly withstand the might of the battle-hardened invaders long without help. Thus, Astron must venture far beyond the city walls to seek out someone who can save the new home and friends he loves before it’s too late.

Book 1 in the Sauragia series.
Young Adult: Ages 13 and up

Print* & E-Book Editions Available From:
B&N, Amazon
E-Book Only Available From:
Hummingbird, Bookmate, e-Sentral, 24S, Odilo, Scribd, StreetLib, Kobo, XinXii, Apple, Google

*Hardcover available from B&N only; Amazon availability varies by country

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