Marketing Matters: Direct Distribution

Today, I’ve compiled a list of marketplaces where self-published authors and small publishers can “cut out the middleman” in getting their books out there. These are places that can publish e- and sometimes print books directly from the files you upload and the metadata you input. This list is not exhaustive, and I welcome any additions you readers might wish to make, but it should be a good place to start at any rate. They are arranged alphabetically.

CompanyFormatsAdditional Notes
AmazonE, PBPre-order function not available for print books; Dust jacket option not available for hardcover
Barnes & NobleE, PB, HCPre-order function available for all formats
BookchainEHave not actually tried it yet
DreameEMust copy-paste chapter by chapter and publish the same way; can be very time-consuming
DriveTHRU FictionE, PB, HCPrint copies require special PDF X/a-1 files to come out right; Dust jacket option not available for hardcover
E-SentralEMake sure files are error-free; re-uploading and de-listing old ones a lot of hassle
GardnersEMust have a minimum of 15 titles to be considered
Google PlayECan set international prices; Pre-order function
Hummingbird DMERequires download of WinSCP or similar software to upload files; can sell from your own HDM storefront to maximize profits
PayHipE, PB*, HC*Can sell from storefront, but fulfillment of physical goods is on you; website embed function available
Rakuten KoboECan set international prices; Distributes to Kobo+ and Overdrive as well; Pre-order function
StreetLibE, PBCan set international prices; can also use this as a channel to distribute to other markets; Pre-order function for e-books
XinXiiECan use this as a channel to distribute to other markets, though royalty rates not as high; Pre-order function
E=E-Book PB=Paperback HC=Hardcover

I may add to this list in future (for instance, when I get into audiobooks), or else make an entirely new table and post it later. Either way, I hope this is useful to those out there looking to give your titles maximum distribution. Until next time!

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J. S. Allen is a writer, linguist, historian, and nature-lover from Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of the young adult series Sauragia and Knights of Aralia, as well as the 'Woodland Tales' anthology for children. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in various print and online periodicals over the years. In between writing and publishing, he likes to draw, spend long hours outdoors, and read. His favorite authors include M. I. McAllister, Brian Jacques, and Alexandre Dumas.

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