Plans for June

May was a fine month. It saw not only the release of my new middle grade anthology, Woodland Tales, but also the completion of one novel rough draft, the final review of another book, several drawings to accompany them both, and a few extra improvements to other works and the beginnings of my research process as well.

For June, I shall begin typing up my recently finished rough draft, continue my research, and begin on a series of drawings for another novel that’s been essentially completed for some time, and which I hope to release late next year. I will also begin preparations to put my next book, Sauragia: Journey to the Red Mountain, on pre-order beginning July 1st.

In light of this, I have decided that I will not be making any new posts on here this month. It is not that I have a shortage of posts nor of ideas, but simply that I would like a little break from it that will enable me to concentrate more on my work. Hope it’s a happy June for you all, and you can count on hearing from me again in July!

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J. S. Allen is a writer, linguist, historian, and nature-lover from Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of the young adult series Sauragia and Knights of Aralia, as well as the 'Woodland Tales' anthology for children. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in various print and online periodicals over the years. In between writing and publishing, he likes to draw, spend long hours outdoors, and read. His favorite authors include M. I. McAllister, Brian Jacques, and Alexandre Dumas.

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