Plans for November

October was a phenomenal month. I made progress on my rough draft, reviewed another book thoroughly for next spring, created yet another drawing for next winter’s book, partly revamped an old short story/novella for possible publication this winter or next spring, and worked on my ongoing linguistic project besides. In addition, I am pleased to announce that both Sauragia and its sequel, Journey to the Red Mountain, are now available on Dreame!

This November, I expect things to move at a more leisurely pace. I shall give a thorough look at what I hope will be my magnum opus for next year, rough out another drawing for it, and continue my current rough draft. I will also finish revising my old short story and hopefully finish my linguistic project. If there is time, I may even record my first ever audiobook! Either way, it’s a new month with lots of potential, so let’s make the most of it.

Published by J. S. Allen

J. S. Allen is a writer, linguist, historian, and nature-lover from Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of the young adult series Sauragia and Knights of Aralia, as well as the 'Woodland Tales' anthology for children. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in various print and online periodicals over the years. In between writing and publishing, he likes to draw, spend long hours outdoors, and read. His favorite authors include M. I. McAllister, Brian Jacques, and Alexandre Dumas.

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